An Introduction To 4K Technology

With the advancement in technology, there has been a commendable improvement in each and every field. Considering a television which is used to bring entertainment right to the houses of people, many different technologies have been used to improve the quality of pictures. One such is 4K technology which is known as 4K resolution or just 4K used in Sony 4K HDR. This refers to a display device or a single content which has a horizontal resolution. It has an order of 4000 pixels. There is also a resolution of 2000 pixels. In the 4K technology, there are many resolutions that exist in the field. This all revolves around digital television and digital cinematography. In the market of movie projection industry, the dominant 4K standard is the digital cinema initiative. This is also known as DCI. The dominant standard of 4K technology is 4K UHD or UHD-1. Business of 4K television greatly fell during 2014-2015 but now has seen an increase in sales. There is a study that suggest by the end of 2025, in the US more than half of the households are expected to have a television with 4k technology. This type of technology is said to be having an adoption curve of full HD at a much faster pace which is now done in Sony 4K HDR.