Sony Is The Master Of Technology

Sony has many different televisions products in the market. They introduced BX series which are LCD sets with the basic functions. Then the EX series was launched with the brand BRAVIA which stands for Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture. They had a series of high definitions televisions. Then we saw the NX and LX/HX series of BRAVIA, the high end sets with 3D range. Then the revolutionary android TV series was launched which has all the features of the previous models and much more. It comes in high definition and 4K. High Definitions Televisions or HDTV comes with more clarity, contrast and details. The HD LED Televisions amazed the world and consumers all over the world marveled at the latest product and its high quality.

These products were using standard dynamicrange or SDR in their TV sets. Sony introduced Sony 4K Television which has four times the resolution of the previous models and high dynamic range. The picture quality has a much wider range of contrast, color and detail. This shows the new standard of brilliance in technology. The livid imaginations of the research and development division of Sony corporations have even outsmarted themselves with this brilliant product.