Clearing The Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam Is Compulsory

Every medical student wishing to practice in the United States of America has to clear the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills exam. This is not the run of the mill type of multiple choice question and answer examination. You need tremendous skills to get through this examination. There are three components the ICE, CIS and SEP.

One has to pass all the three components to clear the examination. The ICE is all about gathering information and doing a clinical analysis. One has to submit the patient note after conducting a thorough examination of the patient. This is a tough task since you have to adhere to a strict time schedule to submit the patient note.

The second aspect of the Step 2 clinical skills exam is the communication part, i.e. the CIS. This is a test of your communication interpersonal skills. The final part of the exam is about your spoken English proficiency. Each of these examinations is tough. Maybe, the native English speakers might find the second and third aspect easy. However, the foreign medical graduates can find the going tough. It requires tremendous preparation from the student to clear the exams. Therefore, attending the coaching classes can help the student get familiar with the exams.